Sunday, November 06, 2005


A friend and supporter of Terri has taken on a mission to help bond and unite children with both of their parents. Please take time to read the mission statement for Vision4Children and then visit their website.
Thank you,

Our vision is to create an environment where all possible supporters of equal parenting can come together to enjoy the benefits of sharing information, experience, and a range of perspectives while at the same time remaining independent. We will provide support of an international organization dedicated to the promotion of an equal and secure environment in which children will benefit from the influence of a loving relationship with both parents and their extended families. The general disregard for equality in parenting causes the loss of parenting arrangements that promote widely accepted family values that are key to establishing stability in children who have the temperament and capacity to respect human dignity and enjoy loving relationships. A presumption of equal parenting within any definition of parenting is necessary for children to learn to get along with others in a fair and equitable manner. Emotional and instructional stability is difficult to establish when both parents have access to adversarial systems that promote lack of cooperation. What is required is an environment where the values of both parents will be respected, and where equal decision-making authority is defended- an environment in which “equal responsibility” is enforced fairly and equal time sharing with the children is facilitated and encouraged. The ultimate goal is to create a working environment in which both parents are valued and required, to ensure the best possible conditions for the upbringing of every child, which will in turn benefit future generations. There are many factors that contribute to the deterioration of equal parenting that need to be addressed in various ways. To that end, all groups who support equal parenting are welcomed to share their understanding of the complexities and extent of the problems and the issues. Together we are more likely to find effective ways of improving the parenting environment for the benefit of the children, the parents and ultimately for all of society. We are attempting to strike an appropriate balance between unity and diversity, respecting both the influence of unity and the creative dialogue of diversity.