Sunday, August 07, 2005

Vicki Shaffer shares her opinion with the FSGA

It is a hard job to be a guardian of a person with a disability. It is almost like a full time job. I do not understand why you would nominate someone such as Micheal Shiavo as guardian of the year. He did not care for his wife Terri Shiavo, nurses did. He did follow guardianship rules or file the yearly guardianship plan. He wasn't with Miss Shiavo everyday. He had moved on to a new family. Terri Schiavo was not dying. She was instead allowed to be murdered by Micheal Schiavo. A murderer is by no standard definition a hero. It is embarrassing that the state of Florida Guardianship Association would award someone who kept his wife locked in a room, let her teeth rot, didn't do the necessary repairs on her wheel chair, and last but not least did not allow the true people who love her to take her and care for her like the true human being she was. Could you please offer me an explanation as to why you would honor Mr. Schiavo as Guardian of the year?
Vicki L Shaffer
West Virginia