Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ms. Elsie Roger Joiner criticizes the Florida State Guardian Assoc for honoring Michael Schiavo

To the "Guardians":
Human nature never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think people have reached new lows, someone lowers the bar yet again, and there are seemingly no barriers; no conscience, for these people.
Kenneth Goodman is in good company with his publicly lauded hero, Michael Schiavo...and your organization. Michael Schiavo is a hero to thousands?? Dear God! What a claim to fame...much like Hitler is still revered by many deluded people. Michael Schiavo is a MURDERER, sir! Most people I've talked to have a disgust for him which he's well earned. He claims to have "honored Terri" with his hard-fought battle to have her dead; the man knows NOTHING about the word 'honor'! Had he truly believed her to be incapable of thought and awareness, what harm would it have done to allow Terri to live, in response to her birth family's pleas for her life to be spared? Doesn't he think that if Terri could have been aware of the suffering her family was enduring, she'd have begged him to allow her to live if only for THEIR sakes? He couldn't possibly honor Terri and show her family such DISHONOR through their pain and grief! Michael Schiavo used every opportunity he dared to use to strip them of every concession possible where Terri was concerned. I pity those who can't see this blatant hatred and striking out at them...such as showing up in her room conveniently just before she died, then having her real family removed only minutes before her death, and claiming that he didn't want her last moments to be spent with a police officer having to maintain the room. What a crock!! He'd planned all along to deny them being there at the moment she died, just as he planned and plotted to keep them away from the disposal of her body...and if I had my guess, I'd wager that Terri's remains aren't even in that grave. No sir, if I were a maniac of Michael's type, I'd know that this would be the last chance I'd have to best the Schindler family and deny them something they desperately needed to content their poor hearts...I'd bury something else and flush Terri's ashes down the toilet, then sit back and secretly laugh at her family about it. Then I'd deliver my knockout punch: her tombstone wouldn't even pay tribute to her; it'd focus on ME. I'd have it put on the headstone "I kept my promise." I wish an exhumation could be done, and you might just realize the depth of this man's sick depravity...but no, I doubt this, because you'd doubtless justify it somehow.
I admit to not being the brightest bulb on the string of lights, but even I can see right through this anomaly called Michael Schiavo! Hero? Indeed! I feel so sorry for those whose heroes must be garnered from depths so low they're almost already in hell.
I'll bet the ACLU is an honorable organization, in your opinion. Sad. Just sad.
You'll note, please, that I didn't preach a religious message to you -- this isn't about religion. It's about simple, common decency and values...or the lack thereof. Too bad that Terri's supporters were discounted by some to be "religious zealots." Many of them I know have no faith whatsoever; they're just people with honor.

Elsie Rogers Joiner