Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mrs. Lalley of Kentucky conveys her written words to the Fla State Guardian Association

Dear Sir/Madam,
It is nothing short of amazing that, in Florida, one can be appointed Guardian over another person's life and limb, violate numerous laws regulating Guardians, and walk away free from prosecution, inheriting all that person has -- after ordering an agonizing death for them. It just defies the imagination of any right-thinking person. Then, just to throw salt in the wound, the Florida State Guardianship Association comes along and insults the sanity of the entire world by "honoring" that Guardian as "Guardian of the Year".
If, in Florida, you can tolerate this type of guardianship, you only show your disdain for the helpless. In putting forth the ridiculous notion that this person could receive an award for his merciless control of this patient, you are snubbing your nose at all law-abiding citizens who
trust that the State will look out for those who cannot look out for themselves. You also show the uselessness of your entire organization. What is your purpose if not to see that regulations are applied correctly by those appointed under your watch?
The case of Terri Schiavo was a wake-up call to millions of people. It is still an open wound in the hearts of all who followed the case. The shock of it is so deep that no amount of cover-up by all who had any involvement will ever diminish it's horror. That this nation, America under God, could turn it's back and allow a helpless person to go without aid for their condition for over a decade, lie alone and untreated for years in a hospice room meant for the terminally ill while our government paid the bill allowing the "Guardian" to inherit millions won for her care, and then pay snipers on the roof to keep watch lest anyone try to help her while she is starved and without water for 13 long days -- just staggers the imagination!
This "Guardian" lied to win the money. He killed her to claim the money while lying to the public that there was no money left. He claims he kept his promise to her; guess that doesn't mean his marriage vow. The "promise" he claims he kept was just something that grew out of a comment she supposedly made while watching a movie. The story began to take on it's own life and grew into the whole motive for her murder. Do you know any healthy 26-year old who has ever made anyone promise to kill them by starvation? Does anyone even care that starvation wasn't considered "life support" at the time she supposedly made this comment? How, then was this "promise" given to her? Common sense never had a place in this outrageous case of abuse.
The State of Florida has shown itself consistently to be a scary place for anyone to live or die. It's as if all the devils from hell are all over it. Murders of all kinds, -- each one more gory than the other, are taking place there. Insanity abounds. The State protects the evil doers. There is definitely something wrong there. By this award for the vilest Guardian anyone could hope not to have, you have shown that you are part of the problem and are not even wanting to be part of the solution. Don't think you are dulling the memories of those who watched this sad saga play out through your corrupt courts and your corrupt state offices by offering this stupid award to the perpetrator. The case of Terri Schiavo cannot be wiped from our minds and memories. It will forver be in our hearts because WE WON'T FORGET! The State of Florida cannot live this one down.

Sheree Lally
Louisville, KY