Monday, August 08, 2005

Mrs. Fogarty voices her opinion to the Florida Guardianship Association

Florida Guardianship Assoc.

Mr. Schiavo did not file annual reports in compliance with Florida guardianship laws. He did not allow Terri the needed ongoing physical and swallow therapies. She was not given the requirements of gynecological and dental care that was needed; and he summarily tortured her from disallowing her flesh and blood caring family from visits with her from time to time. Basically out of sheer malice for her family. Thus, torturing not only her family, but Terri herself.

Guardianship law requirements are not set simply to be ignored by anyone. There is no logical explanation for giving Mr. Schiavo an award other than to make a point. The point you made was to send a clear message to Florida guardians and the disabled community that requirements do not have to be followed, and guardians may have carte blanche in ignoring laws. This sets yet another dangerous precedent of malicious and negligent behavior towards their wards. Terri did not have a progressive terminal disease, nor was she on a ventilator or dialysis, she simply needed food and water sustenance. Yet, she was a pawn in the death culture of our time, slated for the kill of the most vulnerable, given no protection from being tortured for two weeks and made to die. How dishonored you are now that you blatantly give honor to such a barbaric and horrific murder.

I've learned a lot in the past few years regarding 'bioethicists,' they have no requirements for intelligence or compassion, as Kenneth Goodman so clearly shows. Ignorance is only bliss when it does not spread to others, as it has done in such a fashion in the 'florida guardianship association.' Our family and friends will never again step foot on Florida soil. Not only does ignorance reign, it is touted proudly.

Sheila Fogarty
Elkhorn, NE 68022