Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mr. Bolt tells the FSGA what he thinks about them honoring Michael Schiavo

Executive Director
Florida Guardianship Assoc.

It has become obvious to me, now that you've disgraced the value placed upon being recognized by the Florida Guardianship Association by honoring Michael Schiavos for allowing you to participate and share equal credit in the unnecessary taking of yet another life. You and each member should feel shamed by your disregard for patients rights and human dignity.

These days, as I browse a site I created in Memory of Terri, I am flooded with the images of those finale days. Images of a police presence surrounding Terri's room. Had they been there to protect her I could admire them, but their presence like yours was to insure Terri would not be saved by those who felt compassion and love for Terri in her helplessness.

Even a simple desire by a small child wishing to save a life...with a very small amount of water cupped in his tiny hands led to his wrongful arrest, while the shadow of a murderer lurked nearby. Not even a child's innocence was going to prevent Terri's legal guardian, helped by the Florida Guardianship Association and Florida's judicial system in carrying out the murder of his wife. One lone woman, cut off from the world, unable to resist the abuse being done her. No, not by a stranger, but by her own husband, and the staff of the hospice in which Michael had imprisoned he manipulated and connived to complete his diabolical goal.

America, Forced by the full might of government to watch helplessly as they protected those inflecting cruel and barbaric pain upon Terri, denying her of even the most basic of needed items to sustain life.

World Events forgotten as the media focused America's attention upon one women imprisoned in a house of horrors in a place I've never heard of before, tucked away in Florida. Oh the media loved it, and spared no expense in surrounding it with a circus like atmosphere. They even created polls to keep track of public feelings, did you know, only 1 of every 3 people polled supported Terri's right to life? I can guess where you stood in the polls.

May God have mercy upon you

Wm H Bolt