Thursday, August 11, 2005

Mongold sends her opinion to the FSGA about Michael Schiavo

Dear Sirs: 8-11-05

It is unbelievable to me that a group such as yours would choose to so brazenly offend those who are in mourning by honoring Michael Schiavo in the face of this highly charged battle of life and death. Regardless of your obvious support for Michael Schiavo, it would have showed more grace and class to refrain from public gloating. Has your pro-death agenda blinded your group so callously that you have forgotten that a person is dead? If Mr Schiavo in fact loved his wife as he said he did, I should think he would not be in a banqueting mood.

The actions of your group reveal your heart and your motives as well as those of Michael Schiavo by his acceptance of this award. He got what he wanted, why does he have to cruelly dance to the music of death, and why do you pipe the tune?

S Mongold