Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mary Ann Kreitzer, President of Les Femmes shares her opinions with FSGA

Dear Sir:

Many people are shocked at your naming Michael Schiavo "guardian of the year." I confess I could only wonder what kind of guardian you would censor? Michael Schiavo treated Terri with contempt and it is all a matter of public record. He kept her a virtual prisoner in her room, refusing her parents permission simply to take her out in a wheelchair on a fine day. He refused to comply with state-mandated requirements for guardians including an annual plan. He denied her any therapy, dental exams, routine medical exams, etc. for over ten years.

In the end he even denied her the comfort of her Catholic faith.

You claim he carried out her wishes? Since she never left a written record and friends testified that she intended to divorce Michael, how can you possibly conclude she wanted to be starved and dehydrated to death?

Your award to Michael Schiavo makes a mockery of those guardians who provide compassionate care to their loved ones.

Terri's parents were the ones who cared about their daughter and tried to protect her from what can only be described as an abusive situation. Michael, who gained financially from her death, had numerous conflicts of interest. He had moved on with his life but insisted on dehydrating Terri to death. Had he done it to a pet he would have been jailed for cruelty.

Most people have no idea that their living wills condemn them to a dehumanizing and agonizing death if they become dependent. Food and water are NOT medicine and never will be. And if a dehydration/starvation death is "euphoric" as Michael Schiavo and his lawyer claimed, then Adolf Hitler was a huminatrian for feeding prisoners in the death camps starvation rations and condemning some prisoners to starvation and dehydration in death bunkers.

Your award is offensive to all people who respect the dignity of human life.

Mary Ann Kreitzer
President, Les Femmes
1216 Mill Rd.
Woodstock, VA 22664