Saturday, August 06, 2005

Linda Cruz writes letter to Florida Guardianship Association

You were hoping to gain notoriety by selecting Michael Schiavo as your award recipient, and so here in I add my voice to the din.

Mike Schiavo is no "hero". Perhaps it could be argued that he was in fact a "hero", if indeed he was upholding his wife's "wishes"; but there is not one shred of evidence--no testimony by anyone other than Mike and his brother, to suggest that Terri would have "wished" to die rather than live in the state she was in.

To the contrary, Terri's friends and blood family testified to the exact opposite! They testified that she had clearly stated that Karen Ann Quinlan should NOT be taken off life support, because "where there is life, there is hope", were her very words! Mike himself stated in his medical malpractice suit that he wanted to be a nurse so that he could care for Terri the rest of HIS own life, at home. No mention was made of Terri wanting to die, during his lawsuit. Check the transcripts.

The actual fact is, that Terri herself very clearly stated her "wishes" on the subject PUBLICLY, several times. Terri is a life-long Catholic. Terri publicly was baptized and confirmed into the Catholic religion. She followed that up with the public marriage sacrament of the Catholic church--in front of all her friends and family. These acts were strong declarations of her faith and affiliation to the Catholic church. Terri "wished" to be a Catholic. She did not publicly or privately renounce her faith or religion before her "accident". And in her religion, her religious leader, The Pope, had clearly condemned the starvation and dehydration of an individual as a sin. Suicide is clearly a sin. Terri would not agree to starving herself to death, as this act would be against her publicly declared and witnessed religious beliefs.

These public, and witnessed acts and declarations of faith should have held much more weight as to what Terri's wishes would be, than the single, unwitnessed declaration of a adulterous husband, seven years and a 1.6 million dollar settlement after Terri's "accident"!

Laci and Conner Peterson as well as Lori Hacking cry out and remind us that a "husband" does not always have their wife's best interests at heart--and should never have authority over his wife's body! For a husband to treat his wife as property to be disposed of, sets women's rights back to the 18th century!

Why celebrate a man who clearly did not keep his publicly witnessed marriage promise to Terri; for keeping an unwitnessed alleged murder "promise"?

Schiavo is no hero. He did nothing heroic, but rather he acted in a malicious, vengeful manner, that should be condemned, rather than celebrated. Shame on you for promoting his stubborn retribution against his in-laws.

During the time of Terri's plight my Aunt lay dying of Pancreatic cancer. I was there to witness my cousins feeding her, washing her, dressing her, singing to her, reading to her and lovingly caring for her in her own bed until she passed on. Their lives were put on hold. They did not sleep. They had cots on her floor. Their spouses stayed alone and were left to care for their children, as my cousins made my aunt as comfortable and happy as she could be, until her body could take it no more. Her bed sores were treated; when she could not talk, they talked for her. When she could not move, they moved her. She died surrounded by everyone who loved her. She died at home with those who had selflessly set aside their own comforts and needs to put her best interests in the forefront.

My cousins are the heroes who should be celebrated.

Nancy Reagan who lovingly cared for her husband, respecting his religious beliefs, and did not selfishly starve him to death, is a hero and should be celebrated.

Mother Teresa who lovingly cared for those whose society thought did not deserve to live, is a hero who should be celebrated.

Mike Schiavo is a self centered vengeful murderer.

Linda Cruz