Saturday, August 06, 2005

John Sipos Sends Letter To Florida State Guardianship Association

Members of the Florida State Guardianship Association

Who in God's name — no, let's go all the way and say, in Christ Jesus name — are you amoral animals who pause to applaud murder?

Terri Schindler Schiavo, an aware of self human being, knowing that people were coming to murder her, in the moments before she was painfully stabbed in her fleshy belly in the corrupt removal of her lifeline to natural food and natural water delivered through a natural gravity tube, was asked to say she didn't want to die. With conscious, deliberate, intellectual precision she first spoke softly, but knowing that would not be sufficient to convince anyone, she SCREAMED loud enough to be heard in the hallway outside her room at the hospice center for judicially sanctioned MURDER in Pinellas Park Florida, "I wahhhhhhhhhh..." to live. They she started to cry. Flash forward 13 days, as late as 10 o'clock the night before her murder was completed at the order of a pervert in judicial black robes -- the woman was still interacting with environment and with a girlfriend who by some miracle remained on the short visitors list.

Who in God's name are you amoral animals that you pause to essentially WORSHIP those who commit MURDER under color of guardianship laws corrupted? Your deviancy will be put to shame.

John Sipos
Tampa Bay Florida

Bcc: Jeb Bush, Bernie McCabe, FDLE, David Gibbs and others at his firm, the Schindler family, Pat Anderson, Deborah Berliner, Ken Connor, ACLJ, and other friends who love truth.

P.O. Box 13978
Tallahassee, FL 32317