Monday, August 08, 2005

Gayle Miller from Colorado voices her opinions about the honor Schiavo received at the FSGA

Dear executive office at Florida State Guardianship Association,

Florida is a very unique state. In Florida, the purpose and raison d'etre
of a guardian is to deny rehabilitative therapy to the disabled, subject the
disabled to sensory deprivation for however many decades it takes,
and eventually torture the disabled to a slow death by deprivation
of hydration and sustenance.

Your arrogant support for finding the most adverse guardian possible
to the wishes, religion, and needs of the disabled of Florida is

Your perversion of the word "guardian" is a testament to the
hypocrisy and crassness that temporarily controls Florida.

You are a cancer, and you will be removed.

Best regards,
Gayle Miller
Colorado Springs, Colordao