Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dr. Stern writes to the Florida Guardianship Association

It is reprehensible that your organization would present an award to Michael Schiavo, the monster who condemned his wife to a slow death by dehydration. He claims that he was acting in accord with her wishes, but those wishes were never put in writing or heard by anybody other than he. Even if they were authentic, it is not our job to kill another human being. Your president-elect characterized Mr. Schiavo as having stuck by his wife. Sticking by one's wife does not include carrying on an affair with another woman for over ten years and fathering two illegitimate children. While few would have faulted him if he had divorced his wife and gotten on with his own life, his actions show that he was not an appropriate guardian. It is frightening that in Florida, when one's wishes were never expressed in writing, death is now the "default option."

Zev Stern, Ph.D.
1543 E. 23 St.
Brooklyn, NY 11210