Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cynthia Caron emails her comments to the Florida Guardian Association

Dear Florida State Guardianship Association,

I was stunned when I read that your group upheld and presented Michael Schiavo as a "hero" for his efforts to see his wife put to death by dehydration/starvation. I vote your Association as the most "Hypocrite Decision of the Year Award". What exactly did Michael Schiavo do that deemed him a "hero" in your eyes?

He swore under oath that if he was awarded malpractice money that he would use his nursing skills to care for his wife. He didn't.

He stated that he would buy a house, if awarded a malpractice award, and bring Terri home to care for her. He didn't.

He pledged, under the Catholic Church, to love, honor and cherish his wife as well as his pledge to fidelity through his vows. He didn't.

We are speaking of the same man that placed his wife in a hospice facility who was not terminal, dying, nor in poor health. She was merely a brain injured patient.

We are speaking of the same man that publicly posted another woman as his fiance' in his own mother and father's obituary column, on two seperate dates of course, and left his wife Terri's name out of the column as a member of the family.

We are speaking of the same man who could not keep his stories straight on the night of Terri's collapse. He has stated in various court affadavits and hearings conflicting statements from the time he came home, the time he woke up, the time he phoned for help, who he phoned for help, and including one testimony of finding her face down on the floor and another he stated he found her lying on her back, face up.

We are speaking of the same man that has manipulated the system from not filing required guardianship papers, to not following court orders in notifying the family of Terri's conditions, when changes, and who also used a hostage approach to keep her from her flesh and blood family.

And you call that a hero? What is wrong with you people in Florida? A hero is the caretaker who spends days and hours caring for their sick and ederly parents. A hero is the young mother advocating for her disabled child's rights. A hero is the local fire department who put their lives on the line to save lives under any and all conditions. A hero are the people who love others unconditionally and without prejudices and wish to care for those who cannot care for themselves....certainly not Michael Schiavo!

Cynthia Caron
New Hampshire