Sunday, August 07, 2005

Carol Hvolboll forwards her written opinions to the Florida Guardianship Association

I do not agree with or will I ever agree with the way Michael Schiavo treated his wife Teri. He should have let her go and let her parents take care of her instead of playing God and taking her life the way he did. Seems like a cover-up to me. Maybe, for a change, it would be nice if someone would really investigate what happened to Teri that day she went unconscious. Michelle Kenny"s comment abot Michael sticking by his wife would be funny if it wasn't tragic. He only wanted Teri out of the way and could'nt even wait to have an illigitmate relationship and have children with someone else while Teri was still alive. He has no character and as far as I am concerned committed murder and got away with it. You can give him all the awards you want to, but that doesn't change the facts. I want you to know many feel the way I do and do not reward murderers.
Thanks for reading this.
In Jesus love,
Carol Hvolboll
Orosi, Ca.