Sunday, August 07, 2005

Betty Furey tells the FSGA what she thinks!

What happened to Terri will never be forgotten. I never want to visit
Florida again. We are selling our Time Share in Orlando and have
purchased a second home in South Carolina. Those of you who are planning on giving
an award to Michael Schiavo are mentally ill. Follow the facts. Follow the
evidence. Don't sugar coat what happened to Terri. Terri, a disabled
woman, was horribly starved and dehydrated to death. There was no need for Terri
to die. Her parents wanted to care for her. Murder must not go unpunished. You all need to pray for your redemption. You disgust me. What goes around
will come around. The day may come when you too will die slowly as Terri
died. Terri was not dying until her tube was removed. All elderly and
midlife people should get the hell out of Florida. What was once a
beautiful place to visit, has now become a land of vultures just waiting
for the next victim to fall into your clutches. You are all a disgrace to the
human race.

Betty Furey
New Hampshire, South Carolina