Sunday, August 07, 2005

Attorney Pat Anderson request a response from Bioethicist Kenneth Goodman after he recently Honored Michael Schiavo for Terri's death!

Dear Mr. Goodman,

As Bob and Mary Schindler's former attorney, I have a passing fair familiarity with the facts of Michael Schiavo's conduct as a guardian for Terri Schiavo.

Did you know that FOR TWELVE YEARS -- from 1990 until 2002 -- Mr. Schiavo steadfastly refused to take the statutorily-mandated training all private guardians must undergo? Did you know his refusal came in the face of annual demands from the Clerk's office that he do so?

Did you also know that Mr. Schiavo did not file annual reports and plans in a timely fashion year after year and, for at least two years, filed no report and plan at all?

Did you know that when Mr. Schiavo did grudgingly and belatedly file plans -- there was no plan at all for her improvement?

Did you know the experimental surgical treatment that you specifically mentioned as praiseworthy occurred in NOVEMBER, 1990? Did you know that after the summer of 1992, Terri never received another minute of therapy of any kind -- including routine physical therapy -- up until the moment of her death, on Mr. Schiavo's orders?

These are facts documented in the court file, Mr. Goodman. They are not unwarranted "attacks" on Mr. Schiavo, simply facts that anyone who makes an effort can discover. The further fact that the Court did not ever sanction Mr. Schiavo for his shortcomings as a guardian is more a testament to an overloaded court docket than a testament to Mr. Schiavo's dedication.

Don't you think honoring Mr. Schiavo as "Guardian of the Year" is insulting to the thousands of honest, hard-working guardians who follow Florida law in act and spirit? There is much more to being a guardian than insisting on the ward's death, Mr. Goodman.

I would like to know how many of the Florida guardians voted on this year's award. Was it the entire membership or a committee of a handful of people?

Please do me the honor of a reply.

Pat Anderson
7116 Gulf Boulevard
Suite D
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706
727 / 363-6100