Sunday, August 07, 2005

Angel sends a letter to the Florida State Guardianship Association about honoring Michael Schiavo!

I am appalled that you are honoring Michael Schiavo. What he literally committed was legalized, state-sanctioned murder. He did not allow her the therapy that he promised she would get. There are testimonies of care-givers for her that document this fact. He would withhold antibiotics for live threatening infections, hoping for her quick demise. He has been engaged for a while now and has two children with his parramore. And you are honoring this person for his guardianship? How would you like to have him for your guardian? A scarey thought. SHAME ON YOU. You have a phone message from me also, and in it I mention a young lady by the name of Sarah who woke-up from a similar situation. Had Michael been her guardian she would not have had that option. We are not God; there is only one God and His name is not Michael. Or Elizabeth either.