Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Schiavo violates another court order/Statement from Bobby Schindler

Despite a court order telling Michael Schiavo that he was to make the Schindler's aware of services for their daughter, the Schindlers were not notified until 5 PM ET on June 20, 2005, long after the service and buriel of Terri had taken place.

On Tuesday June 21st, after Terri's brother Bobby received news about the inscription on Terri's marker that had stated, Terri had left the earth in February
of 1990, as opposed to her actual date of death on March 31st 2005, Bobby Schindler,
released the following statement. The marker had also read.. "I kept my promise."

Statement From Bobby Schindler 4:00 PM ET 6/21/2005
RE: Inscription on Terri's marker

This clearly illustrates the spiteful lengths in which Michael Schiavo will
go in order to purposely hurt those that loved Terri unconditionally – her
family. It seems to me that the only intention of this inscription was to
be hurtful, and had absolutely nothing to do with Terri, but only to cause
my parents additional pain over the loss of their child. Maybe even more
tragic, is that in doing so, Michael Schiavo shows nothing but a lack of
respect for Terri.