Thursday, May 05, 2005

Banquet for Terri Schiavo Judge Draws Protestors

Banquet to Honor Terri Schiavo Judge Draws Protestors

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Protest Details---

When: Thursday, May 5, at 5 PM

Where: In front of the Heritage Springs Golf and Country Club, 11345 Robert Trent Jones Parkway, New Port Richy, Florida

Why: "This protest is against Judge George Greer who wrote the order to kill Terri Schiavo without ever allowing her due process or freedom of religion. We question his choice as a Judge to blatantly ignore FS 825.102. which states that no one can take food and water away from anyone. He didn't order Terri's feeding tube just removed - he ordered that she could not receive ANY nutrition or hydration AT ALL! He ordered the commission of a felony. In addition, Judge Greer violated Florida Statute 90.602, which clearly disallows the hear say evidence that he not only accepted, but then declared as clear and convincing proof that Terri wanted to die.

"To say that his decisions weren't unlawful is a farce and a blatant insult to the citizens in the state of Florida and of Pinellas county. To waste any further words on the actions of Judge Greer, to suggest that he was thoughtful or meticulous in his decisions as a Judge as was cited by Joan Nelson Hook, President of the West Pasco Bar Association, is a slap in the face to the Schindler family and every other disabled person in America! If one can define as 'meticulous' his choice to make the most important decision of his career, ordering the execution by dehydration and starvation of a disabled person without ever having stood face to face with that person is a travesty. Ms. Nelson-Hook should be ashamed of herself as should Judge Greer." -- Cheryl Ford RN


George Greer honored for his work in euthanasia case World Net Daily, May 5, 2005

Judge To Be Honored During Law Week Events Tampa Bay Online, May 3, 2005

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