Sunday, April 24, 2005

Audio From Hospice During Terri's Final Days

April 24, 2005

Dear Friends of Terri,

The link below will take you to an audio that was put together by Carlos, a friend and reporter who has been covering Terri's story for quite some time. Carlos shares with us the audio he made at hospice during Terri's final days. I warn you, there are some portions of the audio that may be painful to listen to, however, I think it is important for all of us to hear.

The anguish you will hear in Mary Schindlers voice as she begged for her daughters life, I hope and pray will never have to be heard again from any Mother in this world, let alone, be heard from a Mother here in America. The only way we can prevent a murder like Terri's from happening again, will be to remember the sounds and comments we hear in the audio and use them to keep ourselves motivated to write our legislators.

We MUST hold the Leaders of our country accountable to represent and protect the people in America. Let them know we NEED laws in place NOW...NOW....NOW.... to protect all people from experiencing the HORRIBLE and INHUMANE death of starvation and dehydration that Terri endured for 14 long days.

In addition, we must work together to find ways to see that a criminal investigation is done to seek the legal justice against those responsible for Terri's tragic death. We can find forgiveness, but we must not forget how an innocent human being was murdered.

We thank you Carlos for shaing the audio with us.
Below, please find an email and link from Carlos.

Thank you,
Cheryl Ford RN
Tampa, Florida

Hi, everyone,
I want to tell you about an audio story I did that reveals the scene outside the hospice where
Terri was living after her feeding tube was pulled. It starts on the day they began to starve her to death and ends with her death. It features interviews with those who support the Culture of Death and those against it and shows the day-by-day progression of events that culminates with her death.
You can access the story by going to and clicking on the "Podcasts for Terri" section. Then click on "Terri's Death" by Catholicradio123, which should be at the top.
Please forward this to those whom you think may be interested in listening to it or post it on your websites or blogs, if you have them. Thanks.
Yours in the Lord,