Sunday, March 20, 2005

Update From The Schindler Camp: March 21, 2005 -- 2:40 AM ET

From: Cheryl Ford RN
March 21, 2005 -- 2:40 AM ET

President Bush signed the bill into law at 1:11 AM ET

The attorney's here in Florida will need to locate a Federal Judge now who will agree to hear the case. I've been told that the judge is chosen through a random process. Once a judge is assigned, we believe the Federal judge will sign a protective stay and will authorize permission to have Terri's feeding tube reinserted. The attorney's are still awake and are working to quickly obtain the necessary signatures so they can be prepared to move forward with the next legal step.

The Schindlers are very tired but are holding up remarkably well. They are at the Hospice facility. Their primary focus at this time is on their daughters safety and having her feeding tube reinserted as soon as possible.

Mr. Schindler reports that Terri is doing fine. He said Terri is alert and her skin is cool. He said she appeared a bit more tired today, however, she is still doing well.

Terri's parents are very grateful for all the support they have received from every one here on the internet. They know that it was due to all of your hard work calling and writing the Senate that helped to have Terri's story heard in Congress.

Please note, Terri's situation is not over until we have a judge who is willing to give a protective stay and we are assured that her her feeding tube can be reinserted.

The family request that you please continue to pray for Terri's safety and health.

I will keep you posted as I hear anything new from the Schindlers.

Thank you again for the dedication and caring you continue to provide to the Schindler family.

You are an amazing group of people and I personally thank you as well.

Cheryl Ford RN