Sunday, January 09, 2005

Terri Calls For Your Help! Write or Call "Ryan's Reach"

" In June of 2001, Ryan accidentally fell three stories through a skylight and was not breathing when paramedics began to work on him. He was resuscitated and spent over a year in a coma. Throughout that time, the Boone family continued to believe that Ryan would be healed and sought prayer for him repeatedly, via television, radio and the Internet. Ryan has gradually emerged from the coma, and is now talking and has regained his memory. The family gives thanks and praise to God for His faithfulness and answered prayer. "

Ryan Corbin is Pat Boone's grandson. Ryan was tube fed and had been in a coma for 6 months after his tragic accident in 2001.
Through prayers, extensive medical attention and therapy, but most importantly having the love and closeness surrounding him from his family and friends, Ryan sits smiling today from his wheelchair with his grandfather, Pat Boone.

Excepts taken from interview with Pat Boone on Larry King 2001.
MICHAELIS: He is on medications to maintain him so that hopefully over time, there is going to be the day he wakes up and they can start to rehabilitate him.
BOONE: They feed him through a tube -- excuse me, Lindy -- they feed him through a tube in his stomach. He has not had a bite of food in over two months.
KING: Are there ways they can say, well, looks like he is doing better. He might come out of this tomorrow?
MICHAELIS: His eyes are open. He blinks, he looks at you.
KING: He does?
MICHAELIS: Yes. He doesn't necessarily track to -- if you move or to your finger, but he makes eye contact and occasionally his eyes will move when somebody moves in the room and he will follow along with that movement.
KING: Can he answer yes or no by blinking? No?
MICHAELIS: Occasionally it has happened, but he blinks a lot and so there is questions as to whether that was a deliberate blink.

Terri unfortunately does not have a celebrity in her family who can easily reach out for public support in the same way Pat Boone did for Ryan. However, not having Pat Boone as her grandfather, does not eliminate Terri from needing the same therapy, medical attention, caring and family love that Ryan receives on a day to day basis.


I ask that you please join me this week in a calling and writing campaign to Pat Boone and Doug Corbin (Ryan's father) at "Ryan's Reach."

Ryan's Reach
2953 Edinger Ave,
Tustin , California 92780,
United States
Ryan's Reach - Welcome

Please ask Mr. Boone to urgently come forth and speak out on behalf of Terri.
Direct them to Terri's website at for information about her.
Please give them contact numbers:
Keith at 727) 399-8300, Gibbs Law Firm and
Cheryl at 813-695-0870,

We must bring all eyes and ears to the injustice Terri is experiencing right NOW in the state of Florida.

Terri continues to be held hostage in one small room for well over 4 years. She is denied her patient and legal rights.

For this reason, I repeatedly ask you to urgently speak out on her behalf. Please forward this email far and wide.

Thank you so much for your help and dedication in taking a unified stand in support of Terri.

Cheryl Ford RN

Visit Terri's site:

"We make a Living by what we do,
but we make a LIFE by what we give"
~Winston Churchill~


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