Friday, January 07, 2005

A Birthday Wish For Bobby Schindler!

By, Cheryl Ford RN
Tampa, Florida

January 7, 2005
Bobby Schindler turned 40 on the 6th of January. His sister Terri turned 41 last month on December 3rd. Bobby and Terri Schindler are very close to each other. When asked of Mary Schindler (Bobby's mother) what she remembers most about the birthdays her children have celebrated, she replied with a giggle, "The kids always had a lot of fun together at their parties. We love celebrating together. Suzanne and Terri always complained when it came time for Bobby to celebrate his party. Bobby's birthday was so close to Christmas, he ended up with double the presents."

Bobby Schindler is a teacher at Tampa Catholic High School in Florida.
Yesterday, Robert Sr., Mary, their daughter Suzanne and granddaughter Alex surprised Bobby in his classroom with a birthday cake and balloons. Mary remarked, "Normally Terri would have been right there with us when deciding to make a surprise visit to her brother. However yesterday, we suddenly had to stop and think before walking into the classroom. What if Bobby saw us there and our initial presence upset him? We were concerned about him reacting, thinking we were there to deliver him bad news about Terri."

Mary continued, "We decided to send our granddaughter into the room before us with the balloons. We have to make considerations for every action we take these days, even when it comes down to a simple surprise visit to wish our son Happy Birthday."

Bobby and Terri spent hours playing together when they were growing up. When they moved away from their parents home, they still remained very close to each other. I have personally come to know Bobby. He, like the rest of his family are wonderful people to be around. They have a family bond that is so rare to see in this day and age. Knowing how hard Bobby is fighting for his sisters life, I am quite certain that one of the best birthday presents Bobby could have received yesterday was to have been told his sister was free to return home to his family. Bobby has said many times, "home is where Terri would want to be."

Happy 40th Birthday Bobby!
May your birthday wish for Terri's freedom come true!

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