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"Time For You To Let Go St. Petersburg Times..."

"Time For You To Let Go St. Petersburg Times..."
of Your ABUSE and USE of
Public Forum for Reporting Your Support for
Killing The Disabled!

November 7, 2004
By, Cheryl Ford RN

Local newspaper journalist at the St. Petersburg Times reveal their lies, biases and opinions by hiding behind an editorial written in today's article titled;
"Time To Let Terri Go" Opinion: Time to let Terri go

St. Pete Times:
There comes a point when the court system itself becomes an obstructionist force, and that point has been reached in the Terri Schiavo saga. Time and again for the past six years, state and federal courts have found that Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery, and that Michael Schiavo, her husband, is representing her wishes in seeking to have her feeding tube removed. Yet, still there has been no resolution.

Ford Comments:
Indeed! There does comes a point when a small time local newspaper crosses the boundary and becomes an obstructionist force when they do not report the facts as they are documented in Terri's medical records. These medical records are legal documents completed and signed by licensed and trained health care professionals. Allowing the TIMES incompetent and untrained staff the authority to repeatedly report Terri Schindler is in a vegetative state is not only a lie, but is irresponsible journalism. Ms. Terri Schindler is not in a vegetative state, nor can the St. Petersburg Times provide evidence of what her present medical condition is.

St. Petersburg Times:
A large part of the blame for this unjustifiable delay rests with Gov. Jeb Bush and former House Speaker Johnnie Byrd. Days after Terri Schiavo's feeding tube was removed in October 2003, a frenzied Legislature, browbeaten by Byrd and extreme right-wing elements, passed "Terri's Law," giving the governor the discretion to reinsert the tube. It was an exertion of raw power, injecting the government into a family matter and disregarding a series of uniform court determinations. Putting matters right, a unanimous Florida Supreme Court in September found Terri's Law unconstitutional. "It was an exertion of raw power, injecting the government into a family matter and disregarding a series of uniform court determinations. Putting matters right, a unanimous Florida Supreme Court in September found Terri's Law unconstitutional."

Ford Comments:
By Florida Constitutional law, Governor Jeb Bush has the right to seek introduction and consideration of any legislation that he feels timely and appropriate before the state congress. It is something that has been done many times by every Governor that has ever been elected in the state of Florida. Since the Governor has no ability to create any law in the state, it could hardly be considered an "exertion of raw power." Maybe the St. Petersburg Times should educate itself concerning the legislative process before it suggest such an opinion. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that any single legislator, including Johnnie Byrd, has the influence or power to force the legislature to pass any particular law.

St. Petersburg Times
At that point, Michael Schiavo should have easily obtained a court order allowing him to direct the removal of his wife's feeding tube. But that has not happened. Bush and Terri's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, are continuing to press the courts for more delays, and the courts seem to be acceding to their tactics.

Ford Comments:
I ask, where does a local newspaper get the nerve to declare that an appeal process (which is a legal due process available to every citizen) is nothing more than "pressing the courts for more delays?"

The appellate process through any and all courts in Florida, and in the United States is another right guaranteed by the constitution of the United States to every citizen, whether it is Governor Jeb Bush, or Ms. Terri Schindler.

Rather than acceding to the Schindlers' "tactics," would the St. Petersburg Times find it more appropriate for the courts to accede to George Felos's "tactic" of communicating with the comatose by peering into the "pools of strikingly beautiful but incognizant blue" of their eyes, and shouting at them, " you want to you want to die?"

St. Petersburg Times:
The Florida Supreme Court is giving Bush time to appeal its ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. An appeal would be an irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars. Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George Greer has ruled that Terri Schiavo's feeding tube cannot be removed until the 2nd District Court of Appeal considers the Schindler's request for a new hearing - a process that could take months. The Schindlers are now claiming that recent statements by Pope John Paul II opposing the removal of feeding tubes for people in vegetative states would have influenced Terri Schiavo, a Catholic, and caused her to object to having her tube removed. It is a desperate claim raised solely to continue gaming the system. As long as the litigation stays alive, Terri Schiavo can be forced to continue her vegetative existence.

Ford Comments:
If the first amendment rights of a TIMES reporter were challenged and defeated, I wonder if they would consider it an "irresponsible waste of taxpayers dollars" to pursue their rights through the appellate process?
For the TIMES to purport the, "Schindlers are NOW claiming that recent statements by the Pope opposing the removal of feeding tubes for people in vegetative states would have influenced Terri Schiavo, a Catholic, and caused her to object to having her tube removed, " is hogwash!

Like any Catholic family, the Schindler's are trying to point out that the Catholic Pope's statement opposing the removal of feeding tubes is mere proof how the removal of a feeding tube is in direct violation of Terri Schindler's RIGHTS and RELIGION, because she IS baptized and a practicing Catholic!

Terri's right to freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. In addition to this both Federal and State statutes clearly define freedom of religion as a retained right, i.e., a right that cannot be taken away from or acted on behalf of a Guardian, a relative, or anyone, based on a persons competency or disability.

Terri retains her right to freedom of religion regardless of her competency or her condition. If any act, whether demanded by a Guardian, requested by a family member, or even ordered by a court can be reasonably shown to be contrary to her religious beliefs, then no one can force it upon her.

Bottom line...Michael Schiavo, George Felos, and Judge George Greer have no more right to deny Terri her right to religious freedom than they do to deny the St. Petersburg their rights to freedom of Speech guaranteed by the same Constitution.

The St. Pete TIMES continues to say...... "It is a desperate claim raised solely to continue "gaming the system."

Arguing the rights for a disabled human LIFE and for the malicious attempts to KILL a disabled human LIFE via starvation and dehydration is hardly what the majority of decent citizens would refer to as "gaming the system"!
Our judicial system use to refer to this as MURDER!
The St. Pete Times displays how they promote " KILLING GAMES IN A SYSTEM" from inside of their ink wells!

St. Petersburg Times:
Michael Schiavo says he may give up the fight. Who can blame him? He has the power of the governor against him and a court system seemingly unwilling to let its years of rulings stand as a final word. When delay equals victory for the side with endless resources, the courts should recognize the ploy. It is past time for the courts to end this family's tragedy and allow Terri Schiavo the peaceful end her husband believes she would have wanted.

Ford Comments:
"Michael Schiavo may give up the fight? Who can blame him?"
What the TIMES fails to recognize is the fact that Terri has been the only one who has had to FIGHT! Fighting for her life! She has fought desperately for her life and has repeatedly recovered even after Michael Schiavo made two attempts on her life to starve her to death, while he lay nightly in bed with another woman.
So whom I ask, has truly been the one fighting?

It is past time for the St. Petersburg Times to cease in their ploy by writing lies in a public forum; attempting to convince young and old it is perfectly okay to KILL the disabled.

St. Petersburg Times you need to allow the works of GOD to deliver the peace of a happy ending!!!! You are clearly out of your league of authority and should NOW take some time to reflect in the lessons of LIFE while praying for your forgiveness at the altar of your local church.

I encourage Terri's supporters to CALL and MAIL their opinions to:
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*** According to legal analyst, "The St. Petersburg TIMES is complicit in avocation of commission of s825.102 crime against Disabled Woman. TIMES complicit in s876 violation for advocating and coercion of the minds of the public to agree and give support to killing disabled, thereby setting precedent through judicial activist "rule of the case/law" to trump the Criminal Prohibition from intentionally CAUSING another person to DIE, a Homicide, the result of which is the destruction of Constitution guaranteed Right To Life and Right to NOT be Killed protections"