Thursday, October 14, 2004

10/13/2004 --- Update About Terri

Good Day Friends of Terri:

I had a long conversation with Mary (Terri's Mom) yesterday.
I thought I would share with you what she told me after I had asked her about Terri.

When they had first arrived to visit Terri, she was sitting up in her bed solemnly staring out the window as if to be deep in thought.

Mary had walked into the room and said.......
"Hey, what are you doing over there, Mommy's here?"
Terri turned towards Mary and began giggling and laughing when she heard her mothers voice.

Mary conveyed how Terri was in a happy mood, full of laughter and smiles, which of course always delights Bob and Mary to no end! Every time Terri's Dad would kiss her, Terri responded with giggles and being silly.

Monsignor Melanowski was with Bob and Mary when they visited. Monsignor visits Terri faithfully every Saturday. Terri always enjoys her visits with Monsignor.
Mary said, "Her Terri's face brightens every time she sees Monsignor and Terri especially enjoys the jokes Monsignor is always telling her."

Mary said Terri is doing very well and everyday they are extremely grateful for the prayers, love and dedication you all have shown to their family.

The Schindlers' are still very hopeful that someday they will again be able to bring their beautiful daughter out into the sunshine for a walk in the park.

My personal thanks to all of you for your caring on behalf of Terri. Terri would not be alive today if it was not for the dedication and support you all have consistently given to Terri and her family.

Inhale The Beauty of Freedom & Life!

Cheryl Ford R.N.