Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Caring Man

The Caring Man

by Cheryl Ford RN

I remembered the first time I had heard all about a caring man who resided in our country, who also traveled extensively throughout the world talking to people about hostage situations, torture, and freedom here in America.

I had heard all about how the caring man had explained to foreign countries how America does not tolerate torture, hostage situations, nor the killing of innocent people.

I heard how the caring man had an incredible gift articulating the values of human life. How he had a wife and children, and high regard for the family bond.

Many claimed how much the caring man truly supported and valued human life and how he would surely come to help Terri, a disabled 40 year old woman held hostage by an estranged husband named Michael, in the state of Florida.
I was encouraged by many to make contact with the caring man.

So one day, five months ago, I decided to painstakingly write and share with the caring man the story about Terri. I thought it best to also enclose a picture of Terri and her mother Mary, so to provide him with a better idea of the pain and love in Mary and Terri's faces.

I had explained in my letter to the caring man how loving and close Terri's family, the Schindlers' are to each other. How despite the travesty and torture which has occurred before their eyes to their hostage held disabled daughter, how close they still remained.

I explained how Terri had a lovely brother and sister who spent everyday of their lives pleading for their sisters life. How they ask everyone they meet to join in helping them to save their sister from being held hostage. From being tortured via starvation and dehydration by her estranged husband, and his pro-death attorney when they motion to the courts to again pull her feeding tube on yet a third try to kill her.

I explained in my letter to the caring man how the family had been begging the courts for the opportunity to take their disabled daughter home with them so to properly care for her in their warm and loving family home. I carefully explained how Terri loved life, animals, children and the outdoors, but had not been permitted out of her institutionalized room for well over three years.

I conveyed how her estranged husband, the so-called legal guardian, had claimed to love her, but was wanting to kill her because he felt she would not want to live like a disabled person. I shared how Michael, her estranged husband, had made such claims of her not wanting to live, only days after he had won over a one million dollar settlement that had been paid to him for her care. How he then had hired the pro-death lawyer, George Felos, to help him via the Florida courts to pull her feeding tube so she would starve to death.

I also shared with him how her estranged husband had melted down her wedding rings and made jewelry for himself out of the gold. How he had euthanized her healthy cats. How there was a nurses affidavit stating how Michael had inquired, "when is that bitch going to die?" How he, for nine years, has been residing in a house with another woman,while still legally married to Terri. And, how Michael and his concubine had two children together.

I told the caring man in the letter how I was also taught by my parents to be a good American and to help people when I saw that there were wrong doings in my own country.

I asked the caring man if he could please help Terri, a disabled hostage American woman, by coming to Florida and giving the same lecture he gave to the world about hostages, torture and the value of life to the judges in Florida.

I had thought to myself, if what I was told by many was really true about the caring man, about how he had really believed in saving human lives who were held hostage, then he surely would be interested in coming to Florida to help a disabled American woman who has been held hostage in one room for well over three years.

I concluded in my letter to him the address of where Terri was being held hostage and explained how Terri was being watched 24 hours a day, 7 days per week by a paid policeman so to prevent her family from taking her home, out of her room, or for even a walk in the sunshine.

I was given the caring man's email address, physical address and his fax line.
For five consecutive months, I sent him letters each month via three different ways, his email, fax, and postal mail.

I waited patiently, but sadly and regretfully no word came from the caring man.

Yesterday, on July 16, 2004, I received a most exciting email from another one of Terri's many supporters. The supporter stated that the caring man was actually in Florida and was delivering a speech about slavery! I was told that he was speaking less than 20 minutes from where Terri is being held hostage.

At first, I must admit....I became very excited thinking my prayers had been answered and how he, the caring man, had received my letters and was in Florida only to help Terri. Regretfully, I learned that was not the case.

So,I quickly made several calls to people who I thought might get word to the caring man, to remind him where Terri was located and to ask him to please visit Terri while in Florida. I so wanted him to view her hostage situation with his own eyes. One of the calls I made with the hopes of getting word to the caring man, was to the caring man's brother, the Governor of the state of Florida.
But to no avail, I could not get through.

As you may have guessed by now, the caring man who I had been trying desperately to reach by sending numerous correspondences to is the President of the United States,
Mr. George W. Bush.

I truly had hoped it was he, the caring man, who had finally come to Florida to show his "caring " to Terri. Terri, the well known disabled female American hostage who sits fighting for her life in one room, denied therapy, wishing to feel a ray of sunshine on her skin, fearing she will be starved again soon by her estranged husband, wanting to go home to her parents, and desperately needing the help from the caring man.

To my dismay, President Bush, after all of these months, arrived, visited, and departed Florida without one word, one call, or one mention about Terri.

The invaluable lessons of Caring, Torture, Hostage, Freedom and the recognition of human life that is lectured by the President of the United States of America should first be demonstrated on American soil before being preached to the rest of the world.


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