Sunday, August 29, 2004

As the crowd gathered the engine noise from a plane overhead is heard! A special aerial flight with banner for Terri was arranged and paid for by Sheree and Jim Lally from Kentucky. Sheree had wanted to do something special for Terri since she could not be at the vigil. She had the banner read, "Save Terri from execution! Vote Judge Greer Out!" The plane circled for 40 minutes over Terri before flying to the beaches. Special thanks to The Lally's for helping to light up the skies by making ALL of our voices known! Posted by Hello


Blogger Leslie said...

Woo Whooooo!!!! Oh how I wish I had been there to see the aerial display.

May our Lord God Almighty bless this effort and multiply the prayers of her numerous supporters, that dear Terri might be freed from her oppressors.

"Father God, we pray for favor for Jan Govan. We ask your blessing upon him in this election. May your perfect justice be meted out upon all those who have so cruely denied life and liberty to our dear sister.

We for ask your continued protection of her life. May she some day soon enjoy a celebration of love for her with her thousands of her friends - in the sunshine breathing deeply the salt sea air, surrounded by fragrant flowers, balloons, beautiful music and loved ones.

We thank you, God, for Terri. She has taught us all how precious you consider each and every life, without regard to condition, quality, age, race, religion, creed or color, born or pre-born"

5:27 PM  
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